Munga Race Report – It’s really long, but so was Munga!

My feet ache as if I have been standing in the Cape Town ocean for the past five days, I’m sleeping more than a hibernating possum, my sleep is plagued with dreams of chasing water points (WPs) and getting through race villages (RVs) and every time I do something that requires some effort or concentration … Continue reading Munga Race Report – It’s really long, but so was Munga!


How it all started

It was at the end of 2014 that I first started dreaming of running UTMB. Having only just completed the Salomon Skyrun as my first 100km race ever, UTMB was only a dream and very far from reality. If there is one thing about me however, it is that I am a doer not just a dreamer and there are probably few people in the world who take their dreams as seriously as I do......

UTMB Race Report 2016

Kilometre 141: I am in the medical tent watching my dream of finishing the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc slip away by the minute. I worked so hard to create a three hour buffer within the cut-off time to ensure I would finish without chasing any final cut-offs. Instead the aid station at Trient became more familiar than it should.......